TSIPRAS: No ties, no regrets, no Euro


Alexis Tsipras, Greek Prime Minister, welcomed President of France wearing no tie symbolizing his anti-Europe axis and stance of life in general. Although he was forced to sign his surrender on 13th July he has no intention to change his  ultimate goal.

After a short break for a readjustment of his forces and a new strategy Alexis Tsipras, the leftist revolutionist of Europe who became for a while a rightist supporter of IMF, ECB and EC austerity program so as to keep his seat undeniable, returns stronger than before to blow up Greece and Europe idea cunningly.

No matter Mr Hollande's visit, some drinks in an Athen's night bar Mr Tsipras and many ambiguous statements, Mr Tsipras started again his time-delay strategy to avoid reforming Greece. Even worse he burdens in the same time Greeks with outrageous taxes so as to raise their anti-Europe spirit inside them and gain their decision to abandon Euro and Europe easily. A delay in Greek banks re-capitation seems his short time goal now that will end in Greek's deposits bail in January 2016 attributed to unethical Europeans no doubt.

Alexis Tsipras, a magician of politics he has managed to re-elected from 35% out of only 55% Greeks voters that participated in last elections. How these numbers represent democracy is a miracle. There is no doubt  that with only this small number of supporters he is lacking of legitimacy to drag Greece outside Euro.

He insists on not wearing a tie even now that declares himself a Europe lover showing no regrets for his damaging policy in the last 9 months of his Greece governing. A period that every number of economy got worse without nobody paying for this besides poor Greeks. There is no chance for Mr Tsipras of changing his attitude as he has no chance as well to change his ultimate goal. A Greece outside Euro backing Russia, Iran and China interests at the southeast corner of Europe, ruled under his dark principles of life. Who could imagine that Mr Tsipras' Greece would result seeking hope and business in Iran?

The big question is why European leaders and specially France is supporting him. What Mr Holland finds attractive in Tsipras behavior is not clear. What are France's strategic interests that Greece contributes to by its nerve racking policy?

Is it a stronger France role in Middle East area of interest  or a strong cover of France weakness inside Europe and opposed to German powerless. In any case Greece under Tsipras dishonest governess is a victim destined to rot.

There is an imminent danger that Greece results from a Trojan horse in the heart of Europe idea to a symbol of its own and Europe idea destruction if Mr Tsipras remains in his seat undisturbed for a long time.

Let's wait for some weeks to find out if Greeks remain bound to MrTsipras no-tie ideology or they will make finally their revolution and jump in 21th Europe train even in the 2nd class leaving him alone in a ravaged station.

In any case the end of Lehman Brother's ideological disaster in Europe is close...

Δημοσίευση: Οκτωβρίου 28, 2015

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