Who is really Alexis Tsipras?


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is a brilliant as well as a a cunning leader. There is no other Greek politician in the last century but him who managed so easily to make all World leaders just following him to nowhere. Not only this but he has already gained the rest of the world's leaders sympathy and Vladimir Putin's strong desire for collaboration.

Tsipras has never worked in his life while he declares himself as atheist in the same time with winning Greek Orthodox obedience. Greek people although voting for him only up to 38% in last January elections and receiving afterwards uncertainty, world contempt and goods shortages are even today surprisingly quite and still. There is no other explanation than fear and hypnotism. 

Alexis Tsipras may still smile in public to everyone abroad but he is simply representing a suppressive system of power, inherited by his previous Prime Ministers that can eliminates every thought of resistance indoors. He has no ethical barrier nowadays to threat Europe and World with an economic holocaust if Mrs Merkel and West leaders deny giving him what he asks for. Money for nothing. Even strong woman Mrs Merkel now is ready to obey to him putting herself and Europe in turbulence.

Greece on one hand is a hostage no question and international press confuses wrongly Greece with its Prime Minister that has abused democracy, as his predecessors did in the past pretending that they care about Greece. Greeks on the other hand have still all they had in wages, pensions and goods without critical shortages so there is no reason to change and rise up. In the middle is Alexis Tsipras is smiling like Nero Claudius Caesar did when Rome was burnt. 

Alexis Tsipras is the world ultimate leader. His country lives with the loans of the rest but in the same time he is the ruler of the game. He is in the top of one of the richest nation that is ready to be dismantled by his decision in his hands, with no consequences for him.

Alexis Tsipras is immortal like Achilles, he will destroy beautiful Greece by stealing her from Europe, like "Paris" did it centuries ago and he will give what remains, starting with next BRICS meeting in few days, to Russia, the new Troia. Then the real World War will start...

Δημοσίευση: Ιουνίου 13, 2015

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